Welcome to Seekonk Public Schools

 Our Vision Statement

Seekonk Public Schools serve as a model for educational innovation as a result of using best practice instructional strategies, an integrated K-12 curriculum, and a variety of assessments in a technologically rich environment.  Students are able to access multiple pathways which encourage and prepare them to think critically and use creative problem solving.  We are a community united in the belief that it is our fiscal and moral responsibility to provide outstanding educational opportunities and facilities for all of our students.  Our graduates are able to set goals, make responsible choices, and appreciate diversity in order to live their lives with a sense of purpose and face the challenges of the future.


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District Office

Superintendent of Schools
Mrs. Arlene Bosco

School Finance Administrator/Assistant Administrator in Charge
Ms. Barbara Hamel

Director of Special Ed. Services
Ms. Susan Doe

Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Ms. Kristin Dykstra

Operations Coordinator
Mrs. Betsy Frey

Supervisor, Buildings & Grounds
Mr. James Roy

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School Committee

Contact Information

Phone:  (508) 399-5106 Special Ed:  (508) 399-5068
Fax:  (508) 399-5128 Transportation:  (508) 399-5086