Student Registration Forms

Student Registration @ Seekonk High School

In September, all new and returning students must compete the forms listed below and turn them into the school office during the first week of school.  Student registration during the school year can be done at the Seekonk High School Guidance Office from 7:30 am to 3 pm on schooldays (508-336-7272 x128).

Registration Forms
Must be completed for ALL students - Download at bottom
  1. Student Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  2. Dance Procedures
  3. Military Recruiters Consent/Denial
  4. Home Language Survey
  5. Over the Counter Medication
  6. Photo/Sound Release
  7. Emergency/Health Update
  8. School Bus Registration

In addition, all students new to the school or district must also provide:

  1. Student Registration 
  2. A copy of their birth certificate
  3. Current health records including innoculations
  4. Previous school records including report cards
  5. Proof of Seekonk residency